Where we live, work and play

has a profound impact on our health. Every day, our children are plagued with chronic health problems like obesity and asthma; our families lack health coverage; and our neighborhoods are infested with violence. We deserve safe schools and neighborhoods, accessibility to healthy foods, and, overall, an environment that allows our children to grow and thrive. It’s time we, as a community, take a stand for our health. Together, we can evoke positive change in our neighborhoods for the well-being of our families and children.
Our Action Teams
Fresno BHC’s Action Teams are focused on creating safe, healthy and sustainable communities, focusing on three key areas.

Our Neighborhoods Team is working toward creating safe, healthy and sustainable communities focusing on two key areas:
  Violence Reduction

Our Schools Team is working on improving learning environments that contributes to the health and success of our youth.

Our Prevention Team is working toward educating the community that health
doesn’t just happen in a 
doctor’s office, but through preventative measures and
health care enrollment.
Residents Have Spoken, Our Leaders Should Listen!

We want a City of Fresno General Plan that helps create #OneHealthyFresno.

The General Plan should:

- prioritize investment in neighborhoods located in the heart of our city with the most need
- ensure quality and affordable housing is available throughout Fresno
- invest in current parks and create healthy places to walk and play
- keep industrial developments out of our neighborhoods and away from families
- Ensure that all young people have access to healthy opportunities throughout our city
- Invest in more and better public transportation that helps everyone in our city get to where they need to be.

Our Fresno Neighborhoods