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City To Discuss Pulling Plug On "Bad Neighbor" From Entering Se Fresno Community

A huge step forward for Fresno community members! Thanks to the advocacy of South Central Neighbors United, Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability, and Fresno Building Healthy Communities, with the support of Attorney General Becerra, Fresno City Council will discuss pulling the plug to prevent a "bad neighbor" from entering south Fresno, less than a year after a lawsuit was filed by the community. The item will be heard at the regularly scheduled Fresno City Council meeting being held Thursday, January 17, 2019 starting at 9:00 a.m.

“Plain and simple, this project is a ‘bad neighbor’ for the residents of this small southeast Fresno community. In a rush to approve this new development, the City of Fresno has failed to protect the health and safety of residents of some of the state’s most pollution-burdened communities and of this region by disregarding residents," said Ashley Werner, senior attorney at Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability, in a press release last year.

The proposed 110-acre industrial park was to be built next to several disadvantaged and unincorporated communities and less than a mile away from Orange Center Elementary School. South Central Neighbors United filed the lawsuit due to worry of the environmental and public health impacts.

Leaders from Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability and Fresno Building Healthy Communities will be out in support of the children and families residing in these communities and push for the rescinding the permit. Community members are encouraged to attend in support of the health of these communities.

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