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Patsy Mejia

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Patsy Mejia

Project Assistant

Patsy joined the Fresno Building Healthy Communities team in 2021 as a Community Health Worker. She has since been promoted to Project Assistant.

Patsy is from just north of Fresno in Madera. Pasty has a passion for her Spanish language, and has often served in the role of interpreter with family and community members, as she is bilingual.

Patsy has received her undergraduate degree from UC Berkley, and has had the distinct opportunity to work with various organizations in the Bay Area, Central Valley, Oaxaca, Mexico and even Washington D.C.

Patsy is passionate about equity and social justice, and the impact these areas in particular have on the Central Valley and our communities.

In her spare time, Patsy enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews. She also likes to explore new places and one of her favorite pastimes is researching the history of people and places and things.