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Kimberly McCoy

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Kimberly McCoy

Project Director

Kimberly McCoy is a dedicated community advocate and leader inspired by her son Norword to create a healthier and thriving community for all children and families.

Kimberly earned a degree in accounting at Fresno City College. She was part of the Fresno Building Healthy Communities coalition for more than five years serving in a variety of capacities, starting as a volunteer canvasser, before joining Fresno Building Healthy Communities in 2018 as Project Director. Kimberly leads the coalition's civic engagement efforts and grassroots campaigns in addition to representing the coalition on a number of local, regional, and statewide committees.

Kimberly has successfully organized advocacy campaigns advancing inclusive policies in the City of Fresno’s General Plan to invest in Fresno's under-resourced communities, as well as leading grassroots engagement efforts around the Southwest Fresno Specific Plan and #Parks4All campaign. She was also a voting member of the Transformative Climate Communities steering committee and worked to ensure community members from southwest Fresno were engaged and part of the overall process.

In her free time, Kimberly enjoys rooting for her favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys.