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Janet Herrera

(559) 256-8722 Ext.


Janet Herrera

Project Assistant

Janet Herrera joined the Fresno Building Healthy Communities Team in October 2021 as a Community Health Worker. Most recently, Janet was promoted to Project Assistant assigned to our Housing, Economic Development, and Land-Use team.

Janet moved from Madera to Fresno in 2015 after graduating high school to pursue an associate's degree in Public Health from Fresno City College. Some of her past work experiences include working in the healthcare field while serving people of all ages and backgrounds. She is currently obtaining her bachelor's in Community Health from Fresno State. While working at Fresno Building Healthy Communities, Janet is proud to have helped her community in the difficult times of COVID-19, and to be part of the vital resources our residents need.

In her spare time, Janet enjoys quality time with her children and extended family.

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