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Gerardo Carranza

(559) 256-8722 Ext.


Gerardo Carranza

Project Assistant

Gerardo Carranza joined the Fresno Building Healthy Communities team in 2021 as a Community Health Worker, and has transitioned to Project Assistant.

Gerardo grew up in Delano, and got his start in helping his community early. He started helping his community by canvassing to shine light on special programs that were available to the residents of Delano but weren’t known because of the lack of communication between the residents and city. While he was helping better community, he realized that he can be a bigger help to a city with far more residents, but much less resources. Gerardo brings his passion for exercise, health and wellness to communities in Fresno, and believes that staying healthy and active leads to happier, safer lives. He works on with our Health, Outdoor Access and Transportation team.

In his spare time, Gerardo enjoys playing and watching sports, and movies.

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