Become a Parks Champion!
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Let’s Invest in #Parks4All!

One of the most important, but least recognized essentials to a healthy city is a well-designed and well-maintained system of parks. Parks improve health, the economy, education and community safety.

  • There is a clear connection between easy access to parks and a person’s health. People living near parks have greater opportunities to be physically active and lead active lifestyles that reduce stress, obesity and even lower the risks of heart disease and diabetes.
  • High-quality parks spur economic development by attracting homebuyers and boosting property values by as much as 15%.
  • Exposure to the outdoors improves analytical thinking, making students better problem-solvers in math and science.
  • Well-maintained parks promote community engagement and civic pride. And there is less crime in residential areas close to parks. Resulting in stronger and safer communities.

Learn more about #Parks4All by downloading our fact sheet

The City of Fresno can help create #OneHealthyFresno with #Parks4All. The first step is to update the 1989 Parks Master Plan to help identify WHERE and HOW to provide more and better parks.

Take Action!

Join Fresno Building Healthy Communities

Become a volunteer or a resident organizer and talk to your family, friends and neighbors about the need for #Parks4All.

Let your voice be heard!

Contact your Fresno City Council representative by calling (559) 621-8000 and tell him/her you support #Parks4All and they should too!

Attend a Fresno City Council Meeting

Go to a scheduled Fresno City Council meeting and ask them to support #OneHealthyFresno with #Parks4All.

Residents have spoken! Keep your promise Fresno!

More than two-thirds of all Fresnans want more parks and recreational services for youth and want funding to go to parks and recreation.

The City of Fresno should keep it’s promise and update the 1989 Parks Master Plan.

Learn more about #Parks4All by downloading our fact sheet

Why do we need an updated Parks Master Plan? 

An updated Parks Master Plan is the first step to help the City of Fresno and residents identify WHERE and HOW to:

  • Build more and better parks in healthy places for children and families to walk and play;
  • Provide ongoing park maintenance on a long-term basis; and
  • Provide more recreational opportunities for youth throughout the city.

Here are the facts about Fresno Parks:

  • The provision of parkland is uneven across the City of Fresno1.
  • Many of the central neighborhoods in Fresno lack convenient access to parkland and fall well below the 3.0 acre per 1,000 residents standard established by the State of California1.
  • Established neighborhoods south of Shaw and the south industrial area have a deficit of 984 acres in City park space1.
  • Fresno ranks 74 out of 75 in a national study that measures how well the 75 largest U.S. cities are meeting the need for parks2.
  • There is only 1.2 playgrounds per 10,000 residents in Fresno2.
  • The city has cut the City’s Parks, After School, Recreation and Community Services budget by 53% between 2009 and 2013 3 4.


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Community Leaders Secure Update to the Parks Master Plan:

Thanks to the hard work of our community leaders, Fresno City Council voted unanimously to support and allocate $450,000 to update the City of Fresno Parks Master Plan in the upcoming fiscal year.

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