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Our Mission

To foster and encourage thriving communities where all children and families can live healthy, safe and productive lives.

“The Place”

Fresno Building Healthy Communities’ work happens in “The Place”, located in the heart of the city of Fresno. “The Place” is home to a diverse population ranging from long-time residents to recent immigrants. More than 100 languages are spoken in the city of Fresno and no greater diversity exists in the area than “The Place”. Some of the languages spoken include Spanish, Hmong, Cambodian, Lao and Mixteco.

With a population exceeding 90,000, “The Place” has its share of challenges including high levels of poverty, unemployment, gang violence and high rates of obesity and asthma that exceed statewide averages.

Fresno Building Healthy Communities is making an impact focusing on policies and systems change to reverse these trends.